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Our 40th annual on-property ram sale will be held on Friday August 12th 2016.

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GP338 Semen Sire/ Stud Reserve

New Stud Sire GP 140338 shorn recently cut 7.4kgs in 5months and 1 week.

Above: GP 140338 recently shorn cut 7.4kgs in 5 months and 1 week.  He has now cut 17.5 kgs in the past 11 months and 1 week.  He and his fleece will be on display at our 2015 on property ram sale.

Our new sire, GP140338, is pictured above and below.  ET (embryo transfer) bred, he is quite different to anything we have produced in the past.  He is quite thick, but not tight and with good staple length.  His wool is of the highest quality, white and deeply crimped and aligned.  He cut 10.1kg of wool in 6 months as a ram lamb ($85 worth).  He is deep barreled, has correct structure and his muzzle is silky and pure.  GP338 has a quiet and gentle temperament and we look forward to seeing his impact on our stud.  Semen available ($40/dose, minimum 50 doses.)

Sire: GP 367   Dam: GP 012376 (ET)  

Grand Sire: WP 988 Grand Dam: GP 090099 (sire and dam of stud reserve GP 891)

  Body Weight: 113kgs 5th August 2015 (16 months old)

Micron: 19.4    CV: 13.9    SD 2.7    CF 99.6


Glenlea Park in 2014/2015:

·         Glenlea Park ewes averaged 5.2kgs in their last 6 month shearing (September 2014 to March 2015)

·         We weaned 118% lambs from our stud ewes in 2015, achieving up to 129% in maidens.

·         Our ram lambs averaged 6.1kgs in their last 6 month shearing.  The wool sold for 875c/kg.

·         In 2015, cull Glenlea Park ram lambs dressed out at 37kgs at 11 months of age.

·         Our rams are performing across all different climates from high rainfall (summer and winter) to station country.

·         A Glenlea Park client achieved the highest price paid in Australia in 2014 for 1.5 y.o. ewes at an off shears sale.

·         Glenlea Park sheep are approved vaccinates, OJD MN3 and Brucellosis Accredited.


GP395 and GP455

Above: GP395 is on the left.  Embryo transfer bred and sired by GP004, he sold for $51 000 at the 2013 Classings Classic Ram Sale.  GP 455 is on the right and sold for $18 000 at the 2013 Adelaide Ram Sale.  Semen available from both rams @ $40/ dose.  Progeny from both of these rams will be on offer at our 2015 on property ram sale (August 14th).