GP706 sold Classings 08 for $7,000 to A McLachlan, Rosebank

GP 706 was the second ram offered and sold by Glenlea Park at the 2008 Classings ram sale.  He is a full ET brother to "Olympic" and was very highly regarded in his own right.


Classings Classic 2008

Classings Classic 2008

Glenlea Park offered 10 rams at the 2008 Classings Classic Ram Sale.  They sold for an average of $7,175.  Our lead ram "Olympic" sold for the highest price paid for a merino ram in Australia in 2008 of $39,000, purchased by the Superior Wool Syndicate.  His full ET brother was our 2nd ram offered and he sold for $7,000 to Angus McLachlan, Rosebank.  Our final ram also made $7,000, selling to Greg Hose and Scott Nicholson of Sohnic Merinos, Marnoo.

People were impressed by the massive frames on the Glenlea Park offering disproving any doubters that elite wools can't be produced on sheep with outstanding meat attributes.

  • 10 rams micron range 17.8 - 19.4 micron
  • 10 rams SD ranged from 2.3 - 2.9
  • 7 poll merino, 3 merino
  • 6 of the 10 rams weighed in excess of 120kgs with 2 weighing 140kgs (all rams 17.5 months old)
  • The first 4 rams offered were bred via Embryo Transfer

 Peter and Marianne with Olympic shortly after the sale.

Glenlea Park "Olympic" being admired by many good judges at the conclusion of the 2008 Classings Classic ram sale.