GP 090004

One of the best woolled rams ever sold by Glenlea Park.  ET bred out with the sire being Leahcim 33 and the dam (also ET bred) being Pink 713. GP 090004 sired GP 012395 (sold for $51,000 top priced ram Classings Classic 2013) and also sired Collinsville 120102 (sold for $34,000 top priced ram Adelaide ram sale 2013).

He breeds exceptionally meaty sheep that are uncomplicated and free with excellent structure.  He is truly a "super sire" with a long line of runs on the board with many progeny topping on property sales as well the big sales.  He carries the double copy poll gene.

Test results taken below at 1.5 years old

Micron: 17.8

S.D. 2.1

C.V. 11.8

C.F. 99.9

Body Weight 110kgs