GP 013137

A heavy boned ram with great width and spring of rib.  Has wool density and a proven pedigree on both sides (ram and ewe).  The mother of 013137 bred 012228 which was the equal top priced ram at the 2013 Hamilton Sheepvention.   The sire of 137 is GP 011367 (also retained in the stud and a semen sire).   137 is a real dual purpose animal with great meat traits and wool quality, and quantity.  He cut 7.2 kgs of wool in just under 6 months.  He has been retained in the stud. 

His AWTA wool test results are below.

19.1 micron, 3.1 SD, 16.2 CV, 99.9 CF

Body Weight 110kgs (aged 14 months)