GP 150567

Above: Glenlea Park 150567 is ET bred.  His sire is Moorundie Park 306 and his dam is Glenlea Park 013380.  The dam has three ET full flush sisters who rank in the top 15 ewes at Glenlea Park and we have sold three full flush brothers including 013383 which sold for $11,000.  The dam of this ram is the best woolled ewe at Glenlea Park being rich and heavy cutting.  She has passed this trait onto 567.  He is the richest woolled ram we have bred.  He was recently shorn and cut 10kgs in just over 6 months.  At 16 months old he weighed 120kgs.  His wool tests at the same age are as follows: 18.8micron, 14.9cv, 2.8sd, 99.7cf.  He is a double copy poll.