GP 170614

Stud Reserve

Above: GP 170614 -  ET bred.  His sire is Moorundie NE 073.  His dam is GP 150193 (sired by GP 013137).  19.1 micron, 2.9 sd, 99.7 cf, 125kgs body weight (16 months of age).  He is a double copy poll (PP).  His full flush brother sold at the Bendigo ram sale for $16,500.  His full flush sister was the top ewe hogget in the entire drop of 2017 and has joined the Glenlea Park ET donors.  614 cut 9.1kgs when recently shorn - 6.5 months wool (614 straight off shears pictured below) .  A big meaty ram with extreme staple length.  Stands square and wide both at the front and the back.  A bold deep crimping wool with purity (pictured below)