On property 2009

2009 On property Ram Sale

A massive poll ram weighing 126kg at 17 months of age topped the on propety ram sale selling to the Humphries family for $3,050.

  • 63 of 72 rams offered sold to an average price of $1078.
  • The top price of $3050 was the poll merino ram pictured above - a massive sheep weighing 126kgs with 19.9 micron wool.  The successful bidders were KR & JM Humphries and sons.
  • The second top price went to Tom Willson, Kangaroo Island,  who paid $3000 for a horned ram that had a body weight of 125kgs and 146%CFW.
  • Lot 4 sold for $2,200 to Wallaloo Park Stud, Marnoo.
  • Lot 6 sold for $2,400 to MD Williams and Co, Naracoorte.
  • Lot 11 sold for $2,600 also to Tom Willson, KI.
  • A highly regarded ram at Lot 25 sold to new client Peter Watson, Mill Park Stud, Meningie for $2,000.

A good crowd was in attendance at the 2009 GP ram sale..

At the conclusion of the sale there was a shearing demonstration held in the shearing shed.  Ian Kramer has been a Glenlea Park client for over 30 years and he kindly allowed us to display and shear 3 of his commercial ewe hoggets. The best of them cut 9.5kgs of 16.5micron wool and she was only just cutting her two teeth!  Elders Steph Brooker Jones was quickly on the phone and found that at that day's current wool valuation the fleece was worth $70.70  All that on a plain big framed body. 

Ian Kramer's 3 ewe hoggets post shearing.  (L to R: 8.5kg - 19.7u, 9.5kg - 16.5u, 7.0kg, 19.9u)