Written by Bill Walker, Glenlea Park Stud Classer and Merino Breeding Advisor - Classings P/L

The vertical leap that Glenlea Park has undertaken, especially over the last five years, has been one of the great pleasures our company has witnessed in its time associated with the merino industry.

It has been a great journey with many A.I and E.T. programs rapidly improving the stud’s fibre and skin quality – size never an issue. This combined with stringent quality control and using only sires and dams that would thrust the stud into quality areas not even witnessed by its peers, now puts Glenlea Park high in the popularity lists nationally.

The highs of 2008, epitomized by the quality team at Classic ’08 and topped by a $39,000 screamer, was just reward for a decade of hard yet designed effort.

Proof that this was no fluke rests with the stud’s 2007 effort where it again topped the Classic with a high of $11,000. The stud did it again back in 2003 where it topped the sale with a $6,400 monster. On property sales have flourished by the year and the stud’s inclusion at the Adelaide Royal has certainly lifted the quality needed to ensure that sale’s future.

It is now great for me as classer to witness paddock results on commercial properties and other studs, where the utilisation of Glenlea Park genetics has spawned results that rival those of the original Victorian “source” studs that gave this place a huge boot in the first place!

This stud does not fake the dual purpose tag which is so loosely used within this state’s merino fraternity. These are genuine free skins often pumping out extreme lengths of glossy fibre on meaty, plain bodied and plain breeched frames.

Micron, fleece weight, CVs and SDs are all taken care of with this style of breeding which takes care and attention over many years from a dedicated principal and supporters.

This year’s sale lineup has reached new heights with even more depth and includes an exciting new family which will take the stud to newer ground in broadening the ever growing support base. 

I look forward to a long association with Peter as his dedication, sound head and preference to avoid the noisy unnecessaries of the traditional side of the industry gives him time to produce better animals and address client needs including plain breech, staple length, softness and carcass.

 Bill Walker, Merino Breeding Advisor, Classings P/L



Excerpt taken from a letter written by Alan Bennett to Peter Wallis.  Alan, from Lawloit (near Kaniva) in Victoria, has been buying from Glenlea Park for 4 years.

"I felt your rams penned for the on property auction were the most even I have seen in the last four sales I have attended.  From a buyer's perspective I really appreciate the selection of rams you present and the opportunity for all the buyers to take home the rams they want at an affordable price."

"We have recently done some shearing.  Last year we shore our weaners in December with 8 months wool.  They cut an amazing 7.8kgs per head.  This year they lambed down in July/August and we marked 110% lambs.  We shore them with 10 months wool and they cut 6kg per head.  The wool tested 19.2 mic, 69% yield and 92mm length.  Given the season and great lambing percentage from maiden ewes, I was really happy with this result.  The other mob we shore were weaners.  They cut 4.4kg (6 months) of 19.9mic, 76.9% yield and 63mm long.  What a great result.  Couldn't believe the yield." 

"We were a shearer short so I shore a few and I couldn't believe how good they were to shear.  The change in our sheep over the past few years has been quite remarkable.  They have really plained up.  I was a bit worried that we might be losing our wool cut, but these weaners would have cut almost 9kg at 12 months wool growth and their staple length at 120mm is obviously where the wool cut is coming from."

"So in summary, I am really pleased with the results since changing to Glenlea Park.  Our flock is changing and improving and this is primarily due to the quality of your rams."