Glen and Judy Wallis successfully operated the Glenlea Park Merino and Poll Merino Stud for 30 years.

Glen Wallis founded the stud in 1964. 

About Us


The Glenlea Park Merino Stud was founded by Glen Wallis in 1964 on Mt Glenview bloodlines.  It continued as a Collinsville daughter stud for the next 25 years, becoming renown for its large framed, heavy cutting sheep.

Peter Wallis joined his father Glen on the stud in 1992 and Bill Walker Classings Ltd was employed as stud classer and consultant.  In an attempt to improve wool quality, fertility and type, a shift in breeding was made and sires and semen was sought from Charinga, Gowandale, Leachim and Wallaloo Park.  Impacts were evident very early and cull rates progressively lessened.

Over the past ten years, the majority of Glenlea Park's breeding has come from within its own bloodline, with only small infusions from Moorundie and Charinga.  This has dramatically reduced any impact which might have been brought about through hybrid vigour instead relying purely on genetic advancement to improve the quality of our sheep.  This in turn provides far more predictability for how our rams breed on.  


Glenlea Park is split between two properties, one at Pinnaroo in the South Australian Murray Mallee in 13inch rainfall country and the other at Keith in the upper South East in 18 inch rainfall country.  From its inception its focus has been firmly on large framed, good constitution sheep.  Glenlea Park has proven, with results, that it can combine this big frame "SA type" sheep with elite crimpy wool that cuts well, all on a thin skin. 

Glenlea Park rams are being sought for their true dual purpose qualities by studs and commercial clients alike, with rams and semen being sold in all states of Australia.

Peter and Marianne Wallis continue to manage the Glenlea Park stud.