GP 180030

2019 Stud Reserve GP 180030

Semen available $75/dose

This ram is deceased.  Remaining semen to be sold at $75/dose.

ET Bred Sired by Moorundie NE 73 Dam is 150023 (Sired by GP 011367) GFW 6.7kgs (5.5 months), 19.4 micron, 3 SD, 15.5 CV, 99.4 CF, 43 Curv, Weight 108kgs (16/5/19)

For make and shape, 030 is the best ram we have bred. He looks like a Poll Dorset from behind and has great width through the chest.   He is a very long bodied ram with a perfect topline (a rare combination). 030 has an elite skin being exceptionally loose and mobile.   He has a superb muzzle with absolute purity and softness.   His wool is one which will handle any environment.    It is long stapled (110mm at 6.5 months) and white.  This ram has probably got more attention at field days than any other we have ever displayed due to his "show off" nature of holding his head high with a leg in each corner of the display pen and remaining that way for the duration of the various 3 day events.  030 has a lovely quiet temperament and also carries the double copy Poll gene. 

030's dam GP150023 has gone on to produce GP191120, a ram retained as a stud reserve/ semen sire.

GP180030 pictured above straight out of the paddock (June 2020).  His lambs on the ground display the same meat attributes as their sire.