GP 191120

GP 191120 Stud Reserve

Semen Available $60/dose

GP191120 is the natural born lamb out of our ET donor ewe 150023. 1120 is around 2 months younger than our 2019 drop rams.  Despite this, at his last shearing, he cut 140% GFW which is the highest in the whole drop.  When you consider that at the last shearing the average ram was 10 months old and 1120 out cut everything despite being only 8 months of age, it is astounding!

Sire: GP 150567

Grand sire: MP 306

Dam: GP 150023  (this dam is the same ewe that bred last year’s stud reserve/semen sire GP 180030

Horn/Poll Status: PP

Micron: 18.6

SD: 2.9

CV: 15.6

CF: 99.8

Body Weight: 102kgs (20/7/20) 13 months age.

1120 is the most elite wooled ram we have bred.  He is so deeply crimped and is so right over the poll, down the back leg and under the belly.  His wool quality over the pins is amazing.  He is so pure and silky soft.   His sire, 567, was ET bred from my most elite wool ewe.  He has always bred great nourishment and heavy cutting sheep. 1120’s skin is amazing as you can see by the photo of my pinching up the skin on his muzzle.  He is also a really quiet temperament.  I can walk up to him and he has not been handled much at all.  He is not nervous when placed in unfamiliar circumstances.