2014 ram sales

2014 ram sales


The 2014 selling season started in Hamilton, where we offered 10 rams. Eight sold to a top of $4,000, that ram heading to Forrest Springs Stud, Victoria.  

Above: Hamilton ram sale


At on our property sale in August, we offered 132 rams and 128 sold for an average of $1996.  The top price was $8,400 for Lot 4, (GP 885 ET bred spring drop), selling to Boorana Stud, Woorndoo, Victoria.  Fifteen rams were purchased by stud breeders.  We were very proud of the depth of rams we offered in 2014.  Prices such as $2600 for lot 131 and $3,400 for lot 124 indicated to us that our clients also saw the depth in our rams.  That said, 30% of the rams sold for $1,000 or less, giving great value for money for our clients purchasing those sheep.

Above: Top priced ram on property 2014


We also offered and sold 10 rams at the Classings ram sale in September 2014.  Our rams sold to a top of $14,000 and averaged $5115.  The top priced ram, pictured below, was purchased by a syndicate between Gunallo stud, Pinnaroo, and the principal syndicate member Boorana Merinos, Woorndoo, Victoria.  The first ram we offered at Classings, opening the sale, was sold for $11,000 to a syndicate between Calcookara stud and Pepperwell stud.  

Above: Our top priced ram at Classings